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Solutions, LLC Managing Members

Andrea C. Shorter, CPA
Managing Member & President

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ACS has shown the kind of initiative that is necessary to be successful over the long term in the public accounting field.

– Linda R. Moore Founder & Executive Director Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School

ACS believes communication is a never ending cycle. Interaction with Key Stakeholders is essential.

– Andrea C. Shorter, CPA Managing Member ACS Business and Accounting Solutions, LLC

ACS has demonstrated expert knowledge of the needs of charter schools in the District of Columbia and has a proven track record of delivering services in a timely manner.

– Cassandra Pinkney Executive Director, Eagle Academy Public Charter School

Once the ACS proposal was selected by Eagle Academy Public Charter School, Ms. Shorter and her team immediately became involved with the mission and vision of our school.

– Dr. Joe Smith COO/CFO, Eagle Academy Public Charter School


The ACS team has the formula to provide professional and innovative financial guidance and expertise tailored to support your non-profit’s financial goals. We understand the critical areas of focus for non- profit organizations are the budgeting process, management of cash and assets.

ACS offers Financial Management Services to streamline your organizations workflows and increase cash flow. Our track record of providing financial management to charter schools and non- profit organizations are poised to satisfy our clients by managing your finances more efficiently to include:

Non Profit Bookkeeping
Cash Flow Management
Budgeting & Forecasting
QuickBooks Experts
Financial Software Selection, Implementation & Training
Organization & Process Development
Strategic Growth Development & Analysis
Non-Profit Tax Planning
Non-Profit Tax Preparations
Non-Profit Tax Reporting
IRS Problem Resolutions

Want to spend more time raising funding for your organization then managing it? Give us a call today!